Our team coaches share over 50 years of coaching experience. Among them, they have sent numerous gymnasts to State, Regional, and  National level competitions, with many of those gymnasts holding titles at each level. The level of expertise is unsurpassed. The coaches have led teams to numerous state team titles, individual tiles and All Around titles.

In the last five years, they have helped many gymnasts get college scholarships to successfully be part of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). They are each passionate and committed the sport of gymnastics. Our academy coaches represent fun, enthusiasm and an excellent knowledge of the fundamentals of gymnastics. They are all certified through USA Gymnastics and are committed to providing a positive experience for each and every student. Our academy coaches were all gymnasts and share the passion for physical fitness and awareness. ​

Suzanne Caron
Suzanne CaronProgram Director
As a former competitive gymnast, Suzanne knows the challenges and rewards that go along with a sport like gymnastics. She strives to create an environment that is fun and promotes self-esteem and confidence. She wants every student to find their place and progress as far as their dreams will take them. Suzanne was introduced to gymnastics when her Mom enrolled her in gymnastics at the age of five. Having profited in many ways from the lessons she learned as a gymnast, Suzanne is committed to the notion that “fitness isn’t an option, it’s part of life.”
Chris Kelly
Chris KellyHead Coach
Chris has been coaching gymnastics for 25 years and is a highly-respected coach in the gymnastics community. In addition to coaching, Chris has been the State TOPS Director for USAG, and was also a consultant for Red Bull, Nike, Billabong and Vans in the Extreme Sports arena. He has been nominated for Coach of the Year and has seen his students reach multiple State, Regional and National titles. Throughout his coaching career, he has contributed to students earning full scholarships into the NCAA.

Our Coaches

Loana Cruz
Loana CruzHead Coach Beam/Floor and Gym Manager
Loana brings 20 years of experience coaching competitive gymnastics. She is a USAG and FIG Brevet Judge (Elite level), FIG Brevet Coach and a certified USAG National Coach. She has more than 12 years of international experience as a judge. She has served as a judge at US Championships, Elite Qualifiers, World Championships, World Cups, and Multi-Sport Games. Her passion for gymnastics developed at a young age as she worked towards becoming an Elite level gymnast in Puerto Rico. In addition to her passion for gymnastics, she is passionate about personal growth and is a certified Life Coach.
Katrina Zuniga
Katrina ZunigaTeam Coach
Katrina started gymnastics at the age of three and trained to level 10, one level below the “elite” level. She has been coaching for seven years. She excels at coaching bars, vault, and teaching choreography. Gymnastics is her priority, but she also loves to dance. Her and her twin sister hold a World Latin Dance Cup title. She moved to SoCal in 2015 to challenge herself more as a gymnastics coach and a judge, as well as to pursue more opportunities as a professional dancer. A self-admitted over achiever, Katrina is motivated to develop each gymnast to their full potential.
Michel Brito-Ferrer
Michel Brito-FerrerTeam Coach
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Holly Partridge
Holly PartridgeAcademy Coach
Holly started gymnastics when she turned 5, just shortly after she fell in love with the sport after watching the 1996 Summer Olympics. She competed in club for 10 years where she was the 2009 Level 9 Western National Vault & All Around Champion. Holly graduated from San Jose State University where she received a full ride scholarship for gymnastics. In August 2018 she will be attending nursing school. Gymnastics has been part of Holly’s life for 18 years and hopes to continue that for years to come. Holly is an Academy Coach and is excited to be here at Flight School Gymnastics.
Kailie Masatani
Kailie MasataniPre-Team/Academy Coach
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Lorelei Dalton
Lorelei DaltonPre-Team/Academy Coach
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Logan Kelley
Logan KelleyAcademy Coach
Logan is very excited to be working with your children. He is a former competitive gymnast and avid street skater. Logan is very happy to be teaching at Flight School and looks forward to helping your children excel on the sport.
Shannon Booth
Shannon BoothAcademy Coach
For as long as she can remember, Shannon has always loved being around kids and taking care of them. Her love for gymnastics and kids makes her job that much more enjoyable! Shannon has always been interested in and fascinated by gymnastics but never got the chance to become involved with it as a child. Shannon enjoys all sports and had been playing volleyball for seven years. She is currently a varsity member of the South High women’s volleyball team.
Abby Caron
Abby CaronAcademy Coach
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Ashley Saros
Ashley SarosAcademy Coach
Ashley started gymnastics at the age of two years old for 12 years. She unfortunately had to make a difficult decision to end her gymnastics career at the age of 14, going into her freshman year of High School. Although she is sad to have stopped gymnastics, she is honored to have the opportunity to coach at Flight School Gymnastics. Ashley looks forward to impacting young gymnasts just like her coaches impacted her for so many years.
Amanda Feick
Amanda FeickAcademy Coach
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Gwen Robinson
Gwen RobinsonAcademy Coach
Gwen started gymnastics at 9 years old. After graduating high school, she decided to leave the sport to explore Cheerleading; which later took her to the dance team at California State University Dominguez Hills. Gwen has always loved gymnastics and wanted to pass down her passion for the sport, finding the perfect home coaching the Flight School academy.
Angie Aranda
Angie ArandaAcademy Coach
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Brooke Wellnitz
Brooke WellnitzAcademy Coach
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Lauren Greene
Lauren GreeneAcademy Coach
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Mia Miseroy
Mia MiseroyAcademy Coach
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Nirmeen Mandour
Nirmeen MandourAcademy Coach
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Olivia Gentry
Olivia GentryAcademy Coach
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Brooke Stetson
Brooke StetsonOffice Manager
Brooke has nearly 20 years of coaching experience with both recreational and competitive gymnastics. She also has over 12 years of administrative experience as a program director. Brooke absolutely adores kids and has been involved with the sport since the age of 5, both as a competitive gymnast and coach. Gymnastics has essentially been her life as opposed to just her job. Brooke is exceptional with children and we are excited to have her as part of our Flight School family.
Katie Gussman
Katie GussmanAssistant Office Manager
Katie became involved with gymnastics when she was 6 years old and was active in tumbling and dance classes for 10 years. During high school, she started in the customer service industry, and continued with that for 7 years. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a major in Psychology. She has now found a home here at Flight School in our front office, and is also in charge of Parents Night Out every Friday night. Katie enjoys working with children, and loves helping out with them whenever she can!